So many lives to live; this is the one best yet. I spend lots time basking in sunbeams while learning from the gift of all the lives I’ve been given.

Not a great title but an interesting revelation

Headless 100+ year old man I found on my carpeting, author photo

Thinking about art is something I do a lot. I LOVE art; looking at it, talking about it, writing about it, making it, and viewing art with others. Had a light bulb go on the other day when I realized the similarities between my torn paper art and the hand-beaded…

For The First Time, Ever

My grown children and me.

Truly, for the first time in my life, I am absolutely “me first.” I know I’ve never been top priority for myself ever before in my life. I’ve always been too busy, distracted with caring for others, my business, and supporting my family.

It’s quite an astonishing revelation, “me first.”

Of Who We Think We Are

Author photo

For several weeks I’ve been struggling with who I am, my independence, and my identity.

We all have several perceptions of ourselves — if we are the type to be mindful of such things. We have our outer selves and our interior selves, versions we have carefully crafted, edited, reshaped, re-colored, and revised on a regular basis.

My entire identity and life changed in a heartbeat.

A few weeks ago I missed a step…

Lynda Wallis

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