Hello, I’m a hopeless color addict, word lover, artist, and I have a low-wonder threshold. I write about the creative process, art, and the natural world.

These stories are the reverse of “ a picture is worth 1000 words.”

I’m the one who makes the pictures.

Gators lounging in the heavy heat at the world famous Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, photo: L. Wallis

Art is a form of visual storytelling. Good art, in my opinion, stands on it’s own. Good art transcends time, place, era, historical context, it doesn’t or shouldn’t need a…

Not sure curators understood the sentiment of my piece.

“Swim Faster” diorama by Lynda Wallis. Torn paper, watercolor, and assembly.

The call was for art around “winter, snow, and sturgeon.”

Instantly an image was in my brain. I knew I was going to create a piece of art to enter this show.

This is the best, when a fully formed concept lands in my brain.

My sad, yet thankful farewell.

Big and small matching bad-ass elbow braces. First time I’d met another person sporting the same bionic elbow brace that I was wearing. This is me, standing, six weeks post surgery at the University of Wisconsin Hospital. Photo by big guy’s mom

“You are free to resume your life,” the red-haired, red-bearded surgeon told me.

His PA, with the most beautifully sculpted arms, echoed his response with her twinkling eyes above her mask.

I was shown the door as I’d been shown the door for the past seven months. This time it…

The Long-deceased Widow Who Helped Build My House was Revealed to Me; It Changes Things.

My gracious home that was once Minnie’s home. Author photo.

Prior to the pandemic I packed up my life, sold the home where I raised my children as a single mom and moved 60 miles northwest by myself. I moved into a different state, and a different state of mind. …

Time to admit it.

My dislocated elbow and two broken bones. What you can’t see are all the tendons that were also torn off the bone. My elbow had been dislocated for 28 hours before it was “discovered.” It also took 28 hours for the second broken bone to be seen. Mind-blowing pain.

“We thought it was your turn,” mom said to me with the perfect amount of sneer in her voice.

Hamstrung by knowing I should never talk back to my elders as well as hearing my grandmother’s voice in my head say, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything…

Not a great title but an interesting revelation

Headless 100+ year old man I found on my carpeting, author photo

Thinking about art is something I do a lot. I LOVE art; looking at it, talking about it, writing about it, making it, and viewing art with others. Had a light bulb go on the other day when I realized the similarities between my torn paper art and the hand-beaded…

Lynda Wallis

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